Compression springs can come in a variety of shapes. Custom designs may have any number of shapes depending on the application.

  • Some common custom shapes include the CONE shape where the spring radius decreases, a common shape is a BATTERY SPRING.

  • An HOUR GLASS shape tapers tighter towards the center and the outer coils have a larger diameter.

  • The BARREL SHAPE is reduced at the ends and wider in the center.

  • The REDUCED ENDS spring is straight across the center coils and tapers only towards the end coils.

Conical Hourglass (Convex) Barrel (Concave) Reduced Ends


Cone Compression Spring:

Conical springs provide a commonly used solution for spring applications with constraints of reduced length or space. They can be used in many different mechanisms, such as contactors and switches in the electrical field. Indeed, they are often chosen for one special characteristic: their ability to telescope. They take up very little space at maximum compression while storing as much energy as cylindrical springs. Their load-length characteristics are usu­ally nonlinear.

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